A shout out to the Artists and Creators of Tumblr

I have a request:

Dear friends of mine have a 3 year old daughter who has just finished her 4th open heart surgery. If this one works she will have a 5th one in a few years if it doesn’t she will need a heart and lung transplant. The statistics on this are not good and they have submitted her name to the make a wish foundation.

If you have time and would like to make something small to help brighten up her life a little and cheer up her parents let me know she is such a trouper always cheerful always sweet. For Halloween she was a princess and her baby brother was a pea. She and her family would come to my house or us to theirs for a table top gaming night once a month before her health issues got in the way.

If you would like to draw or make something for Sami and her family send me a message. If not could you reblog this so that others who might want to would get a chance to see it? Thanks.


Thank you all so much! I am getting so many wonderful responses for Sami and her family. You can post what you make here on tumblr tagged #margaretmcgough or if you want you can message me for my e-mail or a mailing address if you wish to send something physical. You are all wonderful and I am floored and grateful.

Sami is small for her age because of her heart problems. She is caucasian and on the paler side, has fine curly brown hair and a more heart shaped face and darker gray eyes and is always smiling. She likes animals in general but her favorite toy is a stuffed puppy. She likes to build things with legos and in her sand box and she has a wagon she really likes to ride in. Her mom calls Sami her hero so something on that theme might be good too.

update 2:

A few people have asked for updates on Sami as she goes through this and since you all are kind enough to spend your time creating for her I thought I would oblige. I think for this I will used the tag #artforsami so that you don’t have to follow me to see them though you are welcome to follow if you want.

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